Yours Could Be the Next Karate Kid!!!

Summer’s almost here. This year, take the off-beaten track and enroll yourself or your kids in our competent Karate program. Under the tutelage of the most skilled karate trainers, it’s only going to be a matter of time before you become an expert in this time-honored eastern art. So, waste no more time and make a beeline for our grandiose karate training court, with its elegant marble flooring and comfy waiting area.

6000 Square Feet of Ancient Taekwondo Brilliance!!!

Train your body and discipline your mind at NGV club’s taekwondo arena, which is a spellbinding and friendly space that welcomes and encourages anyone to learn the art under the guidance of highly skilled masters. A comfortable waiting area serves as a miniature lounge where visitors can stick around and watch. Like every other segment at the NGV club, the taekwondo practice area is also furnished with the finest equipment and brilliant lighting sets. But wait, there’s more; the space also features changing rooms that come in handy for taekwondo students.